Every little helps, but it’s Morrisons that introduce ‘plastic free’ aisles first

Rewind 5 years and Morrisons was a supermarket chain that seemed a little lost, not big enough to compete with Tesco and Walmart-owned Asda, not small enough to go head to head with the upcoming Discounters. It needed to re-define its purpose and go back to the founding principles that had made it the powerhouse of Northern groceries.

Fastforward to 2019 and it’s a chain on the up. A supermarket taking plastic packaging seriously, actively trying to reduce the amount of packaging used for its fruit and veg.  Packaging free aisles being introduced is a really positive step, they just need to be priced sensitively, we should be penalising packaging not penalising loose fresh product.  

And if you use Morrisons online, the ‘wonky veg box’ is great as well….