Our Plastic projects.

Smudge supports projects in developing nations where there’s a lot of single use plastic and not many places to dispose or recycle it.

Smudge’s featured plastic offset project is the Plastic Bank over in Haiti.

The great work carried out by Plastic Bank’s Social Plastic Ecosystems since 2014 provides much needed income opportunities to impoverished residents in Haiti, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Plastic Bank stops ocean plastic by transforming plastic waste into currency, realising the true value of recycled plastic and empowering the most impoverished people in the world to convert pollution into wealth.

Residents in Plastic Bank’s active regions collect plastic from their environment and take it to their local Plastic Bank branch in exchange for money, fresh food, clean water, cellular service, cooking oil or even school tuition for their children.

The plastic is recycled and processed into new raw material feedstock, called Social Plastic, which is sold to manufacturers to produce more environmentally and socially ethical products.  This completes the plastic loop, creating a sustainable circular economy.

Haiti Collection Points