Offset your plastic.

Two steps to reduce your plastic smudge.

The world is awash with plastics, plastics that just don’t go away. Almost 400 million metric tonnes of plastic were consumed annually across the globe, an average of 53 kilograms for every person on the planet.

The oceans are collecting plastics every second of every day and are projected to contain more plastic by weight than fish by 2050 according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.   It’s critical that we change the way we consume and recycle plastic before the tipping point is reached and our environment is smothered.

Smudge helps you reduce your plastic footprint by supporting projects that reclaim and recycle plastics from our rivers and oceans. One click can make a real difference each month.

Smudge’s featured plastic offset project is the Plastic Bank over in Haiti.

Residents in Plastic Bank’s active regions collect plastic from their environment and take it to their local Plastic Bank branch in exchange for money, fresh food, clean water, cellular service, cooking oil or even school tuition for their children. With your subscription, more plastic will be removed from our environment. Learn more about our Plastic Bank project here.