Offset your carbon.

Three steps to reducing your smudge on the planet.

ONE – How big is your smudge?

The size of your carbon footprint depends on the way you live your life.  The energy you use, the miles you drive, the flights you take, the food you eat and the products you buy all add up.  We’ve got three easy lifestyle options for you to choose from to let you easily offset your footprint.

TWO – Your Projects

We offset your carbon through a range of different certified projects, ranging from solar power installations in India, re-forestation in South America and carbon neutral cooking facilities in Africa.  View this months featured projects below, or check them all out here.

THREE – Keep updated every step of the way

We’re on a journey to make a difference one person at a time, and we’ll keep you informed and updated on how your subscription is delivering carbon benefits for us all.

Our two featured projects this month:

LifeStraw Carbon for Water

Where: Kenya.

What: Safe drinking water.

How: Using Lifestraw water filters to purify water rather than burning fuel to boil the water.

Smudge likes: Over 800,000 families now have safe drinking water in Kenya.

Wind Farm

Where: India.

What: Clean renewable wind generated electricity.

How: Ten new wind turbines installed.

Smudge likes: The new installation also creates jobs and new business opportunities for local village residents.