How bad is plastic pollution in India’s most famous river?

Change needs to be driven by understanding what’s going on. An all-women scientists team is set to gauge how plastic is polluting India’s major river — the Ganga. This is the first expedition of its kind. 

  • Though the Ganga is worshipped by around one billion Hindus and works as a source of water for around 400 million people, today it stands as one of the most polluted waterways in the world. 
  • The all-women team of explorers, scientists and engineers is backed by National Geographic and aims to study the Ganga right from where it originates, the Himalayas, to where it empties, the Bay of Bengal. 
  • Sadly, river Ganga is one of the 10 rivers in the world that are responsible for 90 percent of plastic that ends up in oceans.


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