Leading from the Top

Change needs to be driven from the top down, and a third of the World’s Top 200 companies still do not disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, despite rising concern that urgent action is needed to avert dangerous levels of global heating. With great power comes greater responsibility – to mangle a Spiderman quote – but surely if you have the revenues, resources and profits of the world’s top 200 companies, you really should be leading by example, not following or ignoring…


How bad is plastic pollution in India’s most famous river?

Change needs to be driven by understanding what’s going on. An all-women scientists team is set to gauge how plastic is polluting India’s major river — the Ganga. This is the first expedition of its kind. 

  • Though the Ganga is worshipped by around one billion Hindus and works as a source of water for around 400 million people, today it stands as one of the most polluted waterways in the world. 
  • The all-women team of explorers, scientists and engineers is backed by National Geographic and aims to study the Ganga right from where it originates, the Himalayas, to where it empties, the Bay of Bengal. 
  • Sadly, river Ganga is one of the 10 rivers in the world that are responsible for 90 percent of plastic that ends up in oceans.




When technology, design and solar power come together beautifully.

Renewable energy already plays a core role in the UK grid, wind and solar provide clean energy when the sun shines and the wind blows.  Sounds like the storms of August 9th have pushed the contribution of wind power up to 45%+ yesterday, making up for low solar.
This solar kit though manages to be more efficient, and a triumph of design, it’s a thing of beauty.  We want one…

Credit TechThatMatters

How big a whopper is the Impossible Whopper? Vegan or not so vegan?

The partnership between Burger King in the US and Impossible Foods, maker of plant based meat, has delivered the Impossible Whopper, being rolled out across the US this week.

Great move from Impossible Foods, whose mission is “making meat using plants, so that we never have to use animals again. That way, we can eat all the meat we want, for as long as we want. And save the best planet in the known universe.”

We like Impossible Foods and we like their mission, much as we like all plant based food businesses trying to reduce the insatiable demand for meat in the developed world.  There’s a slight problem with this though, the patty is described in BK publicity as “100% Whopper, 0% Beef” – however, the BK’s website small print mentions it is “flame-grilled in the same broiler used for beef and chicken.”  

The reality is not quite as good as the marketing suggests then, it’s a great thing to have such a high profile launch, but not so good that the actual restaurants can’t deliver on the implied marketing promise.

Full article covered by the Vegconomist – check them out if you’ve not read their great content here: