Why we’re here.

We are Smudge, a small collective of people who want to help people make a difference to the world, one person at a time.

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The world is warming as our climate changes. Our oceans and rivers are becoming increasingly choked by plastic. Governments and businesses can only take us so far, we also need to try and solve our carbon and plastic challenge to preserve the planet for the generations to come.

We all have an opportunity to live better lives and reduce our impact on the world, but we need to act now. Smudge is here to give you a hand to make as big a difference as you want, as easily as we can make it. The more people we can connect together, the greater the difference we can all make.

We’re not a big corporate organisation, we are normal people doing what we can to make a difference. We didn’t like working in corporate businesses, but we love doing this.

Be part of a solution not just part of the problem, every single month.